Download Empires And Allies Version 1.36

Empires and Allies is one of the very strategic military strategy games in which you need to conquer new lands. The game is equipped with a lot of equipment and new resources to destroy the enemy. And do not forget to strengthen and improve your base to deal with enemies.

Welcome to Empires & Allies, a highly regarded modern military strategy game that puts you at your fingertips in the battle for global control.

Download Empires and Allies Version 1.36

- Paper the weapons of modern warfare from tactical nuclear weapons and hell missiles for strike strikes.
- BUILD IN WAR Workshop and craft all new weapons plus Ion Cannon, Stealth Machine, Unmanned Aircraft, and more.
BATTLE IN ALLIANCE WARS with up to 100 other players because your alliance fights for global control.
- COMPLETE YOUR COMFORT from the arsenal of today's armaments with battle tanks, helicopters, helicopters and more.
- Dynamic BATTLEFIELDS provides increasingly difficult scenarios that unpredictable emulation of war.
- Save the world from GRA, a wicked terrorist organization and protect your territory from other players.

Get ready to destroy the enemy!

Join your friends, form coalitions, build up your army, and prepare for battle.


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