Download Empire Four Kingdoms Apk Mod

1. Fight enemies and conquer a rival kingdom in an epic battle, with tons of different weapons and 50 different units
2. Build, customize and expand your castle to a mighty fortress to defend your civilization from an invading empire in this MMO war game
3. Play and forge powerful alliances with other players in tactical PvP combat and conquer rival clans to gain territory and power on a giant interactive map
4. Put your ideas to the test: produce and trade resources and build over 60 different constructions - build on your ideas and watch your kingdom and civilization expand!
5. Army is ready to fight but your fortress could do with some extra protection to defend your empire? Chat with friends or join the huge multiplayer community with a highly active forum for help and advice on how to make your kingdom the most powerful and you the most feared king of all.

Regular updates with new and improved features make this MMO the number one medieval strategy game. Take part and play in community events, discover new research levels and try out new Combo Tools in the latest update.

Download Empire Four Kingdoms apk mod


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