Download DU Battery Saver Pro APK Pro Free Android App

DU Battery Saver Pro - Intelligent preset modes DU Battery Saver for feeding management, one-touch controls and dangerous charge solve problems with the battery and prolong its service life. DU Battery Saver Pro - probably simple and convenient method of strengthening the operating state phone Android, and even protection against small charge, additions with the highest flow rate of the charge and the unsung characteristics of the device, reduce the time of the telephone. Updated to version!

Introduced by DU Apps Studio, DU Battery Saver PRO automates the features from the free version and adds up to 20% of battery life. Schedule energy saving mode by power level or by time. Slow down CPU usage, remove battery-consuming applications, and update settings for your device to increase battery life. You deserve better battery life! You can search and try our FREE version before updating your pro version.

Download DU Battery Saver Pro APK Pro Free Android App

DU Battery Saver is a handy tool that helps you easily manage and control the use of your battery, extending its lifetime considerably. With this tool, you'll stop all those unnecessary processes that use up energy and that way you'll be able to scrape out a few extra minutes of battery power.

This app incorporates several smart management modes for your battery, helping you use certain features while avoiding others that can eat up your battery power when you don't need them.On the other hand, if you don't want to set up a specific energy-saving mode, you can still scan for the tools that waste the biggest amount of energy and finish them with just one tap. That'll give you a few extra minutes of battery time during your day-to-day usage.

DU Battery Saver also provides full battery report, including data such as temperature, voltage, capacity, and the amount of battery used up in specific tasks, like making a phone call, for example. Ultimately, DU Battery Saver is a powerful tool that really helps squeeze a few more minutes out of your Android battery before having to charge it.


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