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Dr. Parking 4 - The first thing we need to do - is to choose a car which we parked, and they will be divided into several classes, for example, passenger cars and trucks. You can buy any car, but before you buy you should pay attention to the characteristics that indicate the complexity of driving, as well as its size, since a pair of even a few millimeters are important.

Dr. Parking is back in the sequel to the biggest mobile parking simulation game of all time!
Dr. Parking 4 starts a new era of parking simulation gameplay with super stunning graphics, challenging multi-stage levels and real-time online multiplayer.

Download Dr. Parking 4 APK Mod

The goal of the game: In Dr. Parking 4 you will take on the role of a parking assistant who must park the vehicle by considering various skills.
How to play: Place your car at predefined locations as quickly as possible with as much precision as possible.
Graphics: The game has a large resolution and vivid graphics that accurately park the car and the scene is made.
Sound: This soundtrack is lively, however, with no sound effects for the engine or the car's impact.
Controls: The car can be operated through the buttons in the form of the steering wheel and gear shifter.
English language.
Platform: Google Play, iOS Store.
Size: 12.91 MB
Operating system: Android
Developer: SUD Inc. Comes from Korea - Developer is trusted by Android Market.
Version: 1.10
Last updated: 24-02-2017
Hint: Unlimited age.
Detailed evaluation: A few upgrades are required. Free
Installation requirements, Memory at least 12.91 MB and Android 4.0.3 or higher.
Rating: Top 5 Most Popular Games in category Auto Parking Game.


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