Download Dark Lands APK Mod

Dark Lands - an interesting runner from the epic struggles in the world of shadows and majestic species. Optimize property own heroes, to enter mode and live adventures in the endless mode. Go into the world of survival! Immerse yourself in ancient Greece, inhabited by mythological creatures gloomy. To build a path through hordes of skeletons and trolls Dark Lands , fight with scary scorpions and the Minotaur.

Download Dark Lands APK Mod

Run through traps and clash with monsters! Dark Lands is an epic battle runner action game. Develop your hero to survive this infinity battle and run as long as possible! Run, Hack & Slash, Clash & Crush! And repeated it again!⚡

Dark Lands is an addictive mix of an infinity runner fantasy horror game with Hack & Slash combat system. Take your hero on an epic journey of defeating evil forces who corrupted the land. ⚡

Clash with enemies like goblins, orcs, skeletons and monstrous trolls and ogres! Crush unique bosseslike the fierce Currusor or the deadly Minotaurus! ⚡

Avoid dangerous traps and treacherous corrupted terrain! ⚡

Show other players that you are the best warrior of them all! ⚡

- Overcome the 40 missions of the adventure mode and survive the endless mode.⚡ 
- Run and Crush through easy to use controls with sharp reactions!⚡ 
- Develop your hero! Improve stats and buy mighty weapons and armour!⚡ 
- Fight hordes of fantasy enemies!⚡ 
- Get into epic fights with mighty bosses such as the minautorus or the giant scorpio!⚡ 
- Learn to avoid deadly traps and use them in your favour to lure enemies into them!⚡ 
- Enjoy beautiful, original, atmospheric music and great sound effects!⚡ 
- Artistic silhouette graphics with a changing environment!⚡ 
- Unlock more than 50 achievements and write your name in the hall of fame pantheon of Dark Lands.⚡

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