Download Cube Zombie War APK Mod

Cube Zombie War - Dark city full of zombies! This shooting game is to defeat the zombies coming from every direction in the 3rd person. You can enjoy an exciting action game through a variety of weapons and upgrade. Updated to version 1.2.2!

Download Cube Zombie War APK Mod

A dark city full of zombies! It is a shooting game to defeat zombies coming from all directions as a 3rd person.
You will be able to enjoy thrilling action games through various weapons and upgrades.
Do not worry if you are isolated by the zombies, you can escape the deadly dangerous area using the move.

Enjoy playing action-packed action games, 'Cube Zombie Warfare'.

Cube zombie war - destroy hordes of bloodthirsty zombies filling the streets of a huge megalopolis.Shoot from modern weapons and don't let the monsters get close to you. Zombie apocalypse happened to the world of this game for Android. Only you can clear the city from the walking dead. Control a brave hero, who hunts monsters. Be careful, zombies are attacking from all the sides. Constantly move around and don't stop for a second. Shoot from a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, or other powerful weapons. Unlock new heroes.


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