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Crazy Taxi City Rush - the player will play the role of a crazy taxi driver who travels around the city and serves a wide variety of tasks. How crazy is your ride, the more points you will receive as a result. Tasks in the game a huge amount, and they all differ in their complexity and the number of the remuneration received.
Updated to version 1.7.0!

Crazy Taxi City Rush is the first installment in the Crazy Taxi franchise to be exclusive to mobile devices, and for the occasion comes with a game system and controls that are perfectly adapted to touchscreens.

The basic idea of Crazy Taxi City Rush is the same as the rest of the titles in the saga: take loads of passengers to their destinations while making them enjoy themselves enormously along the way. That said, in this case the game system has changed enormously to make it more accessible. 

Download Crazy Taxi City Rush APK Mod

Players won't have total control over the taxi's movement, but rather can change lanes by sliding a finger across the screen, or making a pronounced turn by holding down on one side. With this simple control system you can maneuver the taxi comfortably and intuitively. 

As you pass tests and get money, you can buy new taxis to add to your collection or spruce up the ones you already have. You can also unlock new drivers or even new areas of the city that are hidden when you first start out.

At the graphics level Crazy Taxi City Rush offers quite a show. SEGA has managed to put together a visual style that fits perfectly with the game, looks gorgeous, and isn't too demanding on Android devices. 

Crazy Taxi City Rush is an entertaining driving game whose main drawback is the integrated in-app purchases system that doesn't do justice to the saga it represents. Nevertheless, for as long as you can keep playing, it's an entertaining title.


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