Download Colopl Rune Story APK Mod

Colopl Rune Story- follow the great combo attacks, which will be regularly exceed puzzles dragon fighting game and control for all movements, actions and skills of the palm of one hand. Updated to version 1.0.61!

Download Colopl Rune Story APK Mod

Colopl Rune Story is a 3D RPG that's been specially designed for touchscreen devices. You play a group of adventurers who have to traverse loads of dungeons to destroy all the monsters that lurk inside.

In Colopl Rune Story you can play more than 100 different heroes divided into eight classes. Warriors, shooters, and wizards are the most common, but you can also play dragon riders and dual blades. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses.

Colopl Rune Story's controls are probably one of its biggest strengths because it uses your device's touchscreen perfectly: you move your hero by sliding your finger across the screen and attack by tapping. To change heroes or activate abilities just tap the respective buttons.

Colopl Rune Story is an excellent RPG with great controls and outstanding graphics. You'll also find tons of content when it comes to characters, dungeons, enemies, and even resources for improving your base city.


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