Download Clash Of Gangs Apk Mod

Clash of Gangs is a real-time strategy game where players create their own street gang, which must then try to dominate all the gangs around the rest of the world.

Gameplay in Clash of Gangs is very similar to Clash of Clans or Castle Clash: you basically create an operations base where you build all kinds of buildings and defenses, as well as recruit units to use against your enemies.

Download Clash of Gangs apk mod

Clash of gangs - create a powerful gang. Hire fearless gangsters and expand your influence by capturing territories. Fight other gangs. Become the king of the criminal world in this Android game. Make your gang a small army equipped with powerful weapons, up to helicopter gunships. Complete various tasks and accept new fighters and powerful criminal bosses into your gang. Build a base and defend it against the enemies. Increase your reputation in the criminal world and prove that your gang is the most powerful in the city.

Game features:

Great graphics
Many different gangsters
High scores
Absorbing battles

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