Download City Island 2 - Building Story APK Mod

City Island 2 - Building Story - A free economic strategy in which you have to build houses, public buildings, organize jobs and simply decorate their city to ensure the comfort and life? as well as to analyze the mood and desire of your people, because it is on them you will be able to determine how well your business goes.

Download City Island 2 - Building Story APK Mod

If you like Island City and the Sim City boss games before, you will definitely love this game build this new city! Download games and join fun - free!
In City Island 2 you will build homes for your residents, decorations and communities to make them happy, and create jobs to make money and gold from happy residents. . People in your city will carry on missions and feedback on how you are doing! In addition, you can decorate your city by placing paths, rivers, railways with trains, parks and hundreds of fun and other beautifully designed games. If you like to play the game Free City, build a virtual city in City Island 2 is your best option!

Island City 2 is the sequel to Sparkling Society's favorite City Island game with about 10 million downloads.

Discover life in a virtual world filled with challenges where you have the power to build a business empire with a choice of over 150 different items on your island paradise. Grow your tiny city into a big city. In this boss game, the important thing is balance and creativity. You have all the power in the epic story and free hours of fun on this fantastic exotic island!

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