Download City Craft 3: TNT Edition APK Mod

City craft 3: TNT edition - help the hero survive in post-apocalyptic world. Explore different locations and fight various enemies. Guide the hero of this game for Android through the ruins of cities of the cubic world. Fight evil clowns, who seized the last remaining city, mutants, and other monsters. Go to the world of sand, the world of monsters, and other locations. Use a variety of weapons to destroy enemies on your way. Collect a variety of items to help the hero in his difficult mission.

Download City Craft 3: TNT Edition APK Mod

You will visit 3 different alternative worlds using portals to change the world:

* World of monsters - red sky overhead and the rain of ashes, dangerous world that destroyed completely different and dangerous mutants.
* Cold world - pervasive everywhere radiation completely changed the climate and now the world is experiencing a nuclear winter.
* World of sand - there remained no plants, no animals, no birds, only endless desert, with very hot sand.

Fight with Robo Herobrine in one of the worlds and other beings. Prevent the catastrophe! Build your house, using a new system of crafting and bonuses!


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