CHAOS RINGS II - a game on the android, in which you will play for the main character trying to save the world from destruction. Its history begins in the arena called Arca where fierce battles will occur. You are waiting for colorful battles, exciting storyline, addictive gameplay and a lot of pleasure from the passing of this game. The game has English, which greatly facilitates the development of gameplay. Have a good game!


Chaos Rings II is a movie rather than a game. It's like watching a movie but can control the characters at the same time. This is the sequel to Chaos Rings, and the third game in the Chaos Rings series. For those of you who are fans of JRPG turn-based RPGs, you can not miss, top-notch graphics, engaging storylines, and above all, character dubbing.

CHAOS RINGS II talks about the time being stagnated, Destroyer has forced the world to the brink of destruction. In this desolate era, Darwin discovers his fate, he must sacrifice everything to save the world. It all depends on your decision.

On the floating continent high in the sky, you can find New Paleo. Explorers from all across the land flock to this hub city, seeking to fulfill their dreams and desires. But this is but a brief stop before their journey to their true destination, the azure planet of Marble Blue.

Unexplored lands, hidden treasures, monsters, legends...everything an adventurer could want could be found on this one planet.

The protagonist lives on the outskirts of town with his sister, tending to the family's livestock. One night, led by a mysterious voice, he meets a beautiful woman, who says to him thus: 

"You must go now. Marble Blue, the sparkling blue mother planet, awaits."

Worlds yet undiscovered, treasures that fulfill your wildest dreams, mythologies lost in the pages of history...a great journey, the dream of a thousand years, is about to begin.


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