Download Card King: Dragon Wars APK Mod

Card King: Dragon Wars - Play for free! At your disposal are many creatures with unique abilities of the cards. Updated to version 1.3.1!

Download Card King: Dragon Wars APK Mod

Card Wars: Dragon Wars, the superhero game from the CROOZ development team, has quickly won the hearts of gamers. Card King: Dragon Wars makes it easy for many, if not directly experiencing, to mistakenly think of a Hearthstone clone with a fantastic fantasy background and highly valued gameplay. However, right from the beginning of the game, you will easily see the game genre RPG, not card games like Hearthstone. That is also the basic difference between the two products.

Only a short time after its release, Card King made a big impact not only on its unique gameplay but also on the perfection of its gameplay experience. The power column will automatically be filled whenever you level up. In addition to coins, players also use other forms of virtual money, such as gems or rare claws, all of which can be earned from day-to-day tasks.

Card King: Dragon Wars brings a lot of gamers to Puzzle & Dragons, an RPG game that also collects, evolves, evolves characters and engages in fiery battles. In Card King, players will have the choice of 5 characters to battle in card games against the machine or against other players. Each character will possess features marked by different colors such as red to attack or blue to activate.

Typically, you will attack using weaker characters just because you need to take advantage of some special cards. Gamers card possession during the game will assist players as well as provide shields for the character in certain turns or increase the ability of the character temporarily.


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