Download Berzerk Ball 2 Apk Mod

Berzerk Ball 2 is a merry arcade game. You will have to toss your character as far as possible and get points for that. The farther your character flies the more points you get. There are many characters available in the game. You can toss them and adjust their appearances. Each character has his unique features. The game is madly cruel and has a beautiful graphics.

Download Berzerk Ball 2 apk mod

Inflict pain and suffering to our Geek in twelve different manners, toss  him across the beautiful lush landscapes of Berzerk Land, beat him senseless in various mini-games, break his spirit by unlocking brand new attacks, share the fun and gang up on him with friends, you can even scar him emotionally using our revolutionary make-over machine. The only limit is our imagination.

Any and all resemblance to real people or unfortunate life events are purely coincidental, we at Berzerk Studio do not condone violence toward the obnoxious, or so says our lawyer.

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