Download Basketball Battle Apk Mod

Basketball Battle is a 2D basketball game where you'll get to participate in thrilling one to one matches. You'll move on your screen from one part of the court to another, fake to the sides, shoot towards the hoop, slam dunk, and block like crazy. All of this with just 2 buttons.

System control in Basketball Battle is one of the game's best features. Towards the left side of the screen, you'll find the button you need to shuffle your player from left to right, while on the right side you'll find the one that lets you jump. Pushing the jump button while in possession of the ball will get you to fake, and if you keep it pushed down, you'll jump and shoot towards the net

Download Basketball Battle apk mod

★ Easy moving and shooting!
★ Use pump fakes!
★ Score layups!
★ Shoot fade aways!
★ Block shots!
★ Get steals!
★ Juke and cross over to get to the basket!
★ Win big games and upgrade your team!

Challenge your friends in 2 player split screen mode!


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