Download AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver Pro APK MOD

AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver Pro - conserves can be used to track, erase, clean and remove unnecessary files and applications with built-in memory and SD-card unit, improving its performance and to make room for your favorite applications, photos and music.

Download AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver Pro APK MOD

Download AVG Cleaner - Battery Cleaner for Android ™ NOW to clear precious memory and free up space, save battery power and speed up!

✔ Increase free space - clean up junk, file cache, memory, unwanted applications, poor quality and the same image.
✔ Increase power - optimize and increase battery life
Acceleration - Stop unneeded processes running on RAM to increase speed
✔ Install & do not worry - get customizable cleaning reminder

Use AVG Cleaner - Battery Cleaner and Optimizer for Android to clean junk, poor quality & same images as well as unwanted applications from your device, speed up and create more. Free space for apps, music & photos that you really love.

Clearing Cache:
- Clean unnecessary hidden and display processes stored on RAM and running in the background
Delete immediately non-critical data such as library thumbnails and leftover or unused APK data (application install files).

Media & File Cleanup
Large Files - Easily delete video, audio and other files as well as documents larger than 5 MB

Smart Photo Cleanup: Clean up your photo collection and create more space for more important memories in 2 simple steps:
1. Automatically identifies poor quality photos & the same picture. - AVG Cleaner - Battery Cleaner and Cleaner for Android will find almost all duplicate photos, dark, blurry or poor quality images.
2. Review - You decide what photos to delete. Swipe left to delete or swipe right to hold
Not only do you own more free storage, but you also have one more layer of backup with our Cast to Cloud feature. All you need to do is move your non-hosted content to your favorite cloud storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Power Saving and Optimization:
► Battery Saving - See which resources are consuming power and easily turn them off to save battery power
► Battery Configuration - Select in "Weak Battery", "Home", "Work" and "Car" settings for your phone to function as you like (FREE trial).

Application & Memory Management:
Delete applications by memory consumption, RAM (random read memory) or battery
► Receives alerts from a weekly consultant for rarely used applications over time. Then you can choose which apps you still want to keep and which ones you want to delete
Use AVG Cleaner - Battery Cleaner and Savers for Android to speed up by forcing Running applications that consume RAM to stop working completely, including processes running in the background and messages. Alert, until you actively restart those applications

Install & do not mind - automatic reminders will do all the rest:
► Just turn on Automatic Reminder and AVG Cleaner - Battery Cleaner and Cleaner for Android will automatically find junk and fragmented content for you and allow you to clean up through simple reminders, so easy

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