Download Asylum Night Shift 3 APK Mod

Asylum: Night shift 2 - help a night shift guard of the asylum survive 5 nights on his job. Defend the hero from horrible patients. Be careful and save the hero of this Android game from death. Night shift being surrounded by insane maniacs in itself is an ordeal. And if the doors can't reliably hold the patients, and the generator is unstable, the simple duty turns into a nightmare. Use surveillance cameras and blocks the way of maniacs closing the doors on their way. Save energy.

Download Asylum Night Shift 3 APK Mod

From your hospital bed you must keep watch on the ghostly inhabitants - and make sure that they don't enter your hospital room! Have you got what it takes to survive a final five nights at the asylum?

'Asylum Night Shift 3 - Five Nights Survival' is the concluding part of the 'Night Shift' trilogy. Do you have what it takes to survive the final five nights?

Survive all fives nights at the asylum to unlock the bonus sixth night!

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