Download Angry Gran Run - Running Game Apk Mod

A granny who's been locked in a mental hospital is very angry and planning her escape. You'll have to help her avoid all the obstacles she finds on her way, since they could get her stuck back in the very place she was trying to get away from. To help her, you'll have to test your skills at dodging obstacles and help vent the granny's rage by running her into everyone who gets in her path.

The further you get and the more people you hit, the more rewards you'll get, which will help in planning a second escape if you're not successful in the first. You'll also have to pick up coins as you go if you really want to run away.

Download Angry Gran Run - Running Game apk mod

THE PUNKS ARE BACK! Bash them out the way and grab their coins to clear up the streets once and for all!

Change your look by buying new costumes including 70's hippy gran, wonder gran, zombie gran and even a PENGUIN COSTUME!

Forget the temple, jungles and subway stations - the cities of New York and Rome await you! Run 2

Buy and upgrade loads of different power-ups like BULLET-TIME and INVINCIBLE SHIELDS.

Watch out for ALIENS, DINOSAURS and other INSANE stuff!


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