Download Angry Birds Seasons Version 6.6.0

Angry Birds Seasons is the first sequel to the classic Angry Birds, one of the most downloaded games in the history of Google Play and a true reference in the world of screen phone games. induction.

In the season of Angry Birds, you will find new levels to match the season you are in. For example, when Christmas you will find the levels with a Christmas theme and when that Halloween you will find scary themes, in the summer you will have a summer theme and so on.

Download Angry Birds Seasons Version 6.6.0

Enjoy the Angry Birds game based on the addictive physics you love, but with an interesting seasonal variation.
- 25 new levels + 2 new golden egg levels!
- Nordic cousin Terence of Tony to visit the holidays!
- New tasks and achievements!
- 925+ LEVELS of pig action popping!

- Collect four star cos in four classic hand-picked weekends and hatch an unexpectedly full egg prize right in time for The Pig Challenge!
- Unique weekend matches that you and your friends can see who is the best shepherd! It's like Pig Day, but with friends!

In addition to the series this season, Angry Birds Seasons maintains all the elements that make up such success. How to play exactly the same: You have to fire the birds (same old bird) with the evil pigs to try to knock them down and get three stars.

Angry Birds Seasons brings in much the same thing, which is not bad considering it still has a solid gameplay that appeals to the millions of fans of the original. A great game in the most downloaded brand in the history of Android.

With over 2 billion downloads, Angry Birds is the most popular mobile phone game of all time. Join the global phenomenon!


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