Download Anger Of Stick 2 Apk Mod

Anger of Stick 2 is a two-dimensional action game in which players control one of the mythical stick figures from the flash animations of the 90s. The objective is to fight against dozens of other stick figures that will try to kill your Stick hero.

The control system of Anger Stick 2 is simple: on the left part of the screen there are directional buttons, and on the right, there are action buttons (punch, kick, and jump). You can also change weapons at any time to use fists, knives, sticks, handguns, machine guns, etc

Download Anger of Stick 2 apk mod

In order to use weapons, you have to first buy them with 'money' earned by playing the game. And they're not cheap. A simple handgun won't cost much, but if you want a grenade launcher, you'll have to spend a lot of money.

Anger of Stick 2 is a crazy and funny arcade game on Android. The game represents a cartoon world steeped in crime. You hero is a cartoon man struggling with rampant crime in the city. You are to destroy bandits to clear the streets of the city. You will have various weapons and the means of mass killings in your arsenal. You can also fisticuff and pummel all the criminals. The game has an interesting gameplay, crazy fights and killings, a lot of blood and many other things.


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