Download Aces Of The Luftwaffe Apk Mod

Aces of the Luftwaffe - battle for the Unighted Kingdom. Control a fighter, pull the trigger, and clear the sky from aces of Luftwaffe. Destroy hundreds on enemy ships in this Android game. Choose from different planes that vary in their speed, maneuverability, and firepower. Complete different objectives and upgrade both your pilot and the plane. At the end of each level you'll have a challenging boss battle. Clear the skier over the UK and battle all over the world. Become a real ace of war!

Will YOU foil the occult plans of the Luftwaffe to spread darkness over England?

Download Aces of the Luftwaffe apk mod

✔ Fight thousands of enemy air planes
✔ Choose and upgrade your plane and pilot
✔ Beat super tough bosses
✔ Fly bombastic missions
✔ Enjoy mighty power-ups
✔ Full tablet support

Now optimised to use Sony SmartWatch2 or SmartBand as a controller!
Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2
Smart Connect extension for SmartBand

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